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Economic And Parks Benefits reports - Cities benefit financially by utilizing parks, trails and open space as the basis for planning and land-use decisions resulting in economic and environmental success. Lets save Ramirez Farm and the flatlands in our hillside area; developing these areas cost taxpayers more when land is turned into housing than leaving the land as is -as farmland. Union City has a 77-parkland deficit one of the highest sales tax rates (10 percent) in the State.

Colorado Springs economic parks benefits report (Click to view)

San Jose economic and park benefits report (Click to view)

Union City service costs are rising faster than revenues due to housing overdevelopment and population increases. We lack the right development to attract a place to live, work, shop in town. Parks, trails and open space costs very little compared to city service costs.

Union City vs. Fremont on Pension Tracker (Click to view). There is tab that explains what the numbers mean.

Neighboring Cities are doing better than Union City The problem is old ideas with a focus on new housing developments did not work. (Click to view document)

Comparison Unemployment Rates (Click to view document)

“A Tale of Two Cornfields” – note that it’s 20 years old and Boulder County research shows its less costly to leave land as is for farming and open space than using vacant land for new housing developments. (Click to view document)

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