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We are a group of local citizens to prevent incompatible developments that threaten the agricultural, environmental and open space resources within the City of Union City. We want to play a collaborative role with local agencies, the community and landowners to find compatible uses that save the hills, open space and the agricultural lands fronting Mission Boulevard and the Dry Creek Cottage and Gardens, and the agricultural land, the Ramirez Farm and Horse Ranch, near Quarry Lakes within Union City for future generations to enjoy.

Currently, we are informing the public about the reasons why we should not allow the Masonic Homes of California to develop the hillside for over10 years without a plan for the flatlands, dedication for parks and a fiscal impact analysis identifying the cost to the taxpayers for public safety services. Additionally, Save Our Hills is educating the community about a proposal of high-density housing development on over 20 acres adjacent to Quarry Lakes along Alvarado-Niles Road. Old Alameda Creek also spans the property that should be saved for education and parkland as Union City has a 75-acre parkland deficit and growing. Let’s partner with the East Bay Regional Park District and the City to negotiate a better plan to preserve our parks before it’s all gone, paved and developed.

Thanks for your support with NO on Measure KK passing by over 67%! The Masonic Home’s housing and retail development proposal within the hillside area fronting Mission Boulevard did not materialize thanks to you!! Thanks for your overwhelming support and vote to protect open space for future generations! Our future depends on us to protect open space!

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